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Captivate a Thriving Audience at cIMFEST

Experience the pulse of Cameroon’s most exhilarating music and cultural festival, and be a part of something extraordinary. Get ready to join us for four unforgettable days at CIMFEST.
CIMFEST Expo, where opportunities for unparalleled exposure abound.Immerse yourself in a vibrant marketplace buzzing with over 50,000 potential customers eager to explore and engage. As the Expo unfolds alongside the electrifying week of CIMFEST, you’ll find yourself in the perfect position to showcase your brand to a captivated and passionate audience.
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Mark your calendar and get ready to captivate the crowd at the CIMFEST Expo. See you there!

Who Can Participate?

Calling all businesses, big and small, from diverse sectors! The CIMFEST Expo eagerly extends a warm invitation to join us. If you share our vision of embracing cultural celebration and fostering economic empowerment, we wholeheartedly encourage you to apply today!
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Be Part of the Movement

Embracing Environmental Sustainability

At this year’s CIMFEST Expo, we’re taking a bold step towards a greener future! Join us in celebrating eco-consciousness by showcasing your sustainable practices and products. Let’s unite to reduce waste, embrace reuse, and promote recycling. Together, we can set a shining example of responsible business practices at the Expo.
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Key Advantages of Participation

Strategic Visibility

Secure your prime spot within the festival for maximum visibility to a captive audience.

Boost Sales

Drive sales with a targeted audience ready to discover what you offer.

Targeted Demographics

Connect with a diverse crowd passionate about music, culture, and potentially aligned with your brand.

Network & Collaborate

Expand your professional network by connecting with fellow businesses.

The Expo offers a unique platform to

Showcase your brand

Get your business in front of a passionate audience eager to explore and engage.

Expand your reach

Connect with a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts and culture seekers from Cameroon and around the world.

Drive sales

Boost your bottom line with a targeted audience ready to discover what you offer.

Be part of the movement

Contribute to CIMFEST's mission of economic development and social cohesion.

Target Audience


18-45 (primary) with a growing 46+ audience.

Income levels

A range from young professionals to established families.


Music enthusiasts, culture seekers, shoppers keen on discovering new products and services.

Tailoring Your Experience

We understand that every business has unique needs. Our dedicated expo team can work with you to customize your stand layout, design elements, and additional services to ensure a successful and impactful expo experience.

CIMFEST Expo 2024 ( Exhibition)

In addition to the vibrant music performances and cultural festivities, CIMFEST 2024 will feature an expansive Expo showcasing the rich artistry and entrepreneurship of Cameroon.

The CIMFEST Expo is a curated marketplace and exhibition space that celebrates the country’s diverse creative industries. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover and engage with:

Corporate BOOTH: 350,000 FCFA (Corporate Vendors)

One Canopy, One Table , Three Chairs , One minute on stage to talk about business/brand. Available Spots: 15


One Canopy, One Table , Two Chairs. Available Spots: 50


Shared Canopy, Shared Table, Two Chairs, Available Spots: 30


One Canopy, One Table, Two Chairs , Available Spots: 5


One Canopy, One Table , Two Chairs , Available Spots: 5


One Table One Chair Available Spots: 10