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CIMFEST is a one week music and entertainment experience staged at the Buea Mountain Hotel and Molyko stadium-Buea, which attracts over 10.000 music lovers daily from across the globe.
Cameroon locally dubbed 237 is described as ‘Africa in miniature’ and as a people we celebrate in songs. We have a very diverse approach to music, with brands like Bikutsi, Makossa, ASIKO etc, and the steadily growing and vibrant afro pop music.
Cameroon International Music Festival (CIMFEST) is an initiative, to re-energize the Cameroon music industry which has been witnessing major strides.
CIMFEST 2024 is expecting more than 30.000 industry guests, 100 + vendors & exhibitors at the 4day festival village, above 500 workshop participants and 50 international guest including celebrities from other music industries in the world.
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At CIMFEST, we envision a vibrant platform that seamlessly connects Cameroonian artists with their fans, while fostering international collaborations. Through our commitment to promoting peace, unity, and cultural exchange, we aim to empower the youth and harness the power of technology to drive entertainment and economic growth.



Believe in the Power of Music!
In 2010, only 1 in 10 Cameroonians embraced local music. However, with the emergence of talented urban acts like Jovi, Stanley Enow, and crossover artists such as Mani Bella, X-Maleya, Lady Ponce, and Coco Argentee, the acceptance of homegrown content soared to 5 in 10 people by 2013.
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Prince-Mykel ENOBI

President of CIMFEST,

The story continues

The years 2016-2018 witnessed an explosion of talent, with more than 12 major artists like Mr Leo, Locko, Maahlox, Francko, Salatiel, Daphne, and Renis captivating audiences. The local acceptance rate skyrocketed to 7-10 Cameroonians actively engaging with Cameroonian music.

From 2020 to 2023, we’ve experienced an unprecedented surge in the consumption of local music. Not only are Cameroonians embracing their own artists, but they are also consciously favoring them over foreign music. The remarkable attendance of over 25,000 individuals at the last edition of The Cameroon International Music Festival ( CIMFEST) stands as a testament to their hunger for Cameroon music.
As the President of CIMFEST, it is my duty to export this rich cultural heritage beyond Cameroon, reaching Africa and the world through collaborations. We aim to open doors for exceptional talents and partners from Cameroon and other nations, expanding the industry’s horizons.
In a time where Cameroon is in need of a unifying factor, if you believe in the power of music and how it affects your brand and its consumers, this is an opportunity to celebrate local talents and export Cameroon music.
Take action now!
President of CIMFEST,
Prince-Mykel ENOBI


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