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CIMFEST promotes Unity & Collaboration through Music. CIMFEST 2024 is more than just a music festival, it is DISCOVERY. We have a plethora of National & International performances. A blend of the New Cats on the block & the OG’s.
OFFICIAL 2024 LINE-UP will be announced SOON!
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Artist line-up


Get ready for an unforgettable celebration of Cameroonian music and culture at CIMFEST 2024! We’ve curated an incredible lineup of both emerging and established artists who will take the stage and captivate audiences from around the world.

Here are some key notes that help us incorporate you into the game.

As an emerging artist, it’s crucial to continuously hone your musical skills and artistic expression. Dedicate time to perfecting your instrument or vocal abilities, refining your songwriting, and cultivating a unique sound that reflects your cultural heritage and personal style.

Establish a strong online presence by creating a professional website, active social media accounts, and high-quality music samples/videos. This will help you attract the attention of CIMFEST organizers and music industry professionals. Additionally, work on building your live performance experience and developing a cohesive stage presence.

Engage with the CIMFEST community by attending the annual festival, participating in its year-round cultural events and workshops, and networking with other artists and industry members. This will not only help you gain visibility but also foster relationships that could lead to future collaborations and performance opportunities.

As mentioned earlier, the CIMFEST Music Incubator is a comprehensive program designed to support emerging Cameroonian artists. Apply for this initiative, which provides artist development workshops, recording studio access, performance opportunities, and entrepreneurship coaching. Successful incubator participants often gain a spot on the CIMFEST lineup.

Continuously promote your music through various channels, such as streaming platforms, radio interviews, and music blogs. Engage with your fanbase, collaborate with other artists, and seek out opportunities to perform at local and regional events. The more you can build your audience and demonstrate your artistic merit, the more likely you’ll be to catch the attention of the CIMFEST organizers.


Cameroon International Music Festival Artist/ Performers Submissions
September 30, 2024: Application deadline for Artistes, Bands, Dancers, DJs, & Choirs.
We are looking for the most creative, original and talented bands & artistes out there. Whether you are a Rapper, Singer, choir, Band, DJ etc, we want to hear from you.
Criteria: Live Music & Originality.
Please complete this form if you are interested in performing at CIMFEST 2024.
Guess what!!! – Applications for CIMFEST is FREE & it is 90% Live Music
You can find upcoming dates and more festival details on the festival website: or email:
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